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We love Cyprus for its vibrant life, the lifestyle, the food as well as for its hospitality.

The island of Cyprus is renowned as the place to live and raise your family, since there is a low crime rate and you are always feeling safe during your days or nights outs. In Cyprus you have the freedom to choose your lifestyle and the pace as well, since you have a variation of activities and preferences to choose from.

Cypriot people are renowned for their hospitality that is always associated with a generous and genuine smile.  The family bonds are tied and family reunions are cherished.  They love to interact with guests and their English literature helps them with that a lot.

Due to their cultural friendly characteristics, social gatherings and business meetings are always productive accompanied by a friendly atmosphere.

Cypriot people give emphasis to their quality of life and for that reason they work in such a way in order to enjoy this privilege.

The food is simply excellent!  The Mediterranean tastes are offered in various restaurants with different ways in order to satisfy all preferences.  In addition, cuisines from different countries offer other options that visitors or residents can enjoy.

On the other hand, Limassol the second district in population of Cyprus, is considered to be the first option for purchasing real estate due to its prime location, it’s beautiful coastal line and quality of living. It is located in the southern coast of the island. It is renowned for its vibrant lifestyle and culture. It is a city that merges business and pleasure, and it is full of pleasant surprises. With its modern infrastructure and facilities, it is renowned as a business, financial services, and marine centre all over Europe.  Limassol is a city that constantly evolves, as it is driven by the challenges and the individual vision of people.

Limassol offers a variety of options according to your mood and preference.   You may either enjoy the upgraded or rebuild facilities of the Old Port and Medieval Castle area that offer a variety of shops, winning and dinning, cafeterias, bar-clubs or you may visit the archeological sites.

Limassol is well known for its awarded beautiful seafronts and clear waters, as well as for its rich agenda of events.  The climate is subtropical Mediterranean with a lot of sunshine and warm days that you will certainly enjoy for the majority of the year. Regardless of your location, the gorgeous seafront, forests and mountains are only a short car drive away.

By investing in Limassol real estate you will inevitably gain on capital appreciation on your property, due to the upcoming trend of real estate prices going up.

Education in Limassol is also high rated as it offers well private education schools for expats.  While all children are accepted in Cyprus’ Greek-speaking public schools, there are also five major private English schools offering quality education to your children, starting from kindergarten all the way to secondary school. Additionally, there are several private English kindergarten and day care centers, just for the little ones.

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