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We love Cyprus for its vibrant life, the lifestyle, the food as well as for its hospitality.

The island of Cyprus is renowned as the place to live and raise your family, since there is a low crime rate and you are always feeling safe during your days or nights outs. In Cyprus you have the freedom to choose your lifestyle and the pace as well, since you have a variation of activities and preferences…


Each property developed from Winstonfield is a state of the art piece that ensures the lifetime value of the asset.

In each creation only the finest construction and building materials of the market are being used and are masterfully blended so as to create a unique thus harmonious stylish result.
Winstonfield cooperates only with the best architects…


When purchasing a property as an investor the first thing that you evaluate is the location.  It is one of the major aspects that an investor assesses before starting to consider the next step which is the purchase.  In addition, an investor when evaluating the location, always reviews simultaneously the neighborhood characteristics as well as the local factors and tendencies of the country.


Winstonfield, as a property development company, creates lifestyle residential and commercial properties to distinguished individuals and investors who seek apartments, penthouses, houses and offices that meet an exquisite timeless design and style beyond the ordinary.
Every aspect is perfectly crafted and reflects our belief to create homes…

Trust | Loyalty | Respect to our clients

Our firm offers reliable property solutions in Cyprus – Create your dream home today with Winstonfield Property Developers.