Why investing in Cyprus is the right thing to do and which city to choose to invest in.

April 22, 2022by Winstonfield

There are several reasons why investors choose to add Cyprus in their portfolio, in this article we will highlight the most important factors that persuade even the most considerate investors to spend money in properties in Cyprus.

The island offers a variety of properties, from sea-front houses to luxurious penthouses with sublime sea views or mountain views, from studio apartments in the lively city centre to 3,4,5,6 bedroom detached houses in suburban or rural areas. There are some attractive investment opportunities, as real estate returns (yields) in Cyprus are amongst the highest and most stable in Europe. You can really find real estate homes for sale to match any needs or expectations.

The strategic location of the island made it a popular, multicultural tourist destination and an ideal business hub in the region. Cyprus is very attractive for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) as it offers a great combination of lifestyle and a strong business environment and a luxurious lifestyle. Awhile the British influenced legal system and the widespread use of the English language makes it easy for investors to do business in Cyprus.

The Republic of Cyprus is a member state of the European Union and a member of the Eurozone. An independent, sovereign republic with a presidential system of government and a written constitution which safeguards the rule of law, political stability, human-rights and the ownership of property. The legislation is fully compliant with the European Union legislation and fully transposed into local legislation, furthermore European Union regulations have direct effect and full application in Cyprus.

Buying a property from €300,000 or over grants an investor the right to apply for the Cypriot Permanent Residency in just two months, qualifying investments include residential and commercial real estate and investors may purchase multiple properties to make up the required real estate investment value. There is a wide choice of properties available, all suitable for the Cyprus Residency Programme. This offers a robust investment with the potential to rent out the property to generate rental income.

Limassol is one of the biggest cities and is ideal for families but also for those interested in fast paced cities. It offers 3 bedroom detached homes up to 6-bedroom villas or bigger, has a large list of top private schools and everything to lead a comfortable and luxurious life. Offers a nice combination of shopping, eating and relaxing at the same place and it’s envied for its nightlife. You can also find luxurious seafront properties or flats and its ideal for those looking for a little hiking adventure. In contradiction with other cities Limassol has a little bit of everything and is ideally located in the southern-middle part of the island between the mountains and the sea making it ideal for those looking to explore the island.

For those looking for picturesque bright blue beaches, a slower tempo of life, countryside and exploring historic places then buying a real estate in Paphos, is the best choice. Pafos has its own International Airport and its ideal for people travelling frequently at low cost.

Nicosia on the other hand is an excellent choice for buyers who are in search of buy to rent properties as there are a lot of workers in Nicosia, is the capital city and a very good option to create a long-term rental investment here. Even though is not a seaside city its about 45 minutes to Protaras and is ideal for those looking to do business in the island.

Lastly Larnaca which also has its own international airport, is located right by the sea and the property prices are usually at an affordable rate compared to that of Limassol or Nicosia and it also offers easy access to Nicosia and Protaras and beaches to enjoy.

There are a whole lot of properties in Cyprus to choose from either holiday homes for you to occupy occasionally, properties you can rent out long-term or residential homes for permanent living. There are so many options you can choose from; detached villas with beautiful views and private swimming pools to apartments in peaceful villages, houses in the urban region that are modern in nature, and bungalows in the middle of city centers.

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