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Completion of Winstonfield Residences

Winstonfield is a property development company that offers lifestyle residential and commercial properties to distinguished individuals and investors. The company’s philosophy is to create and construct lifestyle residencies in prime locations with a design and approach that will last through time. Winstonfield Property Developers officially announces the completion of its luxury collection of apartments, located […]

Cyprus Investment Program – August 2020 Official Changes

On August 2020 the Government Gazette officially published the final changes of the “Cyprus Investment Program”. • The parents of the applicant, as well as the parents of the applicant’s spouse are eligible to apply for the acquisition of the Cypriot Citizenship with a supplementary investment of €500.000 plus VAT (if applicable), individually or collectively […]

A Superb, Worldwide First for Cyprus!

Cyprus was praised by major countries for its immediate reaction to the virus pandemic outbreak and have pronounced the island as one of the few safe destinations who managed to contain the spread of the virus and had only few Covid-19 patients of its overall population. This superb world recognition only adds value to the […]

We remain active and operational

Coronavirus has altered dramatically our daily lives and created a new reality that innumerable business sectors, if not all, should find ways to cope with and continue their operations. While all business sectors are facing challenges during these uncertain times, we need to stay connected and assist each other in order to overcome the outbreak […]

When Evaluating a Real Estate Property!

Buying a real estate property is considered to be one of the biggest investments that individuals will have to make in their life. This process can be a quite exciting and stressful at the same time event. However, the process can be realized smoothly and even enjoyable, if a plan is being formulated well in […]

New vs Old Building

The most common debate in real estate is whether to invest in old or new building properties. Even though it’s difficult to say with 100% certainty which one is a better investment, both options have some distinctive qualities that need to be examine. The major factors that investors and individuals always consider, are firstly, their […]

Why invest in a Real Estate Property?

Real estate is one of the most renowned long-term type of investment alongside bonds, cash and stocks. When real estate investments are well planned, developed and strategically placed are classified as low risk investments. Entrepreneurs choose this type of investment in order to capitalize their portfolio assets and increase portfolio value.   On the other hand, […]