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March 26, 2020by Winstonfield

Coronavirus has altered dramatically our daily lives and created a new reality that innumerable business sectors, if not all, should find ways to cope with and continue their operations.

While all business sectors are facing challenges during these uncertain times, we need to stay connected and assist each other in order to overcome the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our company Winstonfield Property Developers is working alongside with the purpose of offering quality and innovative services to entrepreneurs and individuals who wish to proceed with the acquisition of property.

Our firm having embraced the digitalization era a long time ago, is able to operate through various digital channels; therefore, it remains fully operational and ready to fully support our selective clientele and associates in their affairs related to Winstonfield Residences and immigration services.

You don’t even need to move from your safe location of your home. All services will be done remotely and safely. We can obtain power of attorneys for all signatures while you remain safe in your home.

From the beginning, we had implemented a comprehensive crisis management plan that complies with the World Health Organization regulations and Cyprus Government instructions, so as to safeguard the health of our selective clientele, associates and employees.

Our offices are in a fully operational status and capable to support you remotely by offering the highest-quality and safety standards.

Subsequently, in order to communicate effectively we have applied several channels of communication in order to serve you with the best possible ways. We can arrange at any given time

  • Telecommunications (Tel: +357 7003303)
  • Video conference through various digital channels i.e. What’s App, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Social Media Accounts (Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • Remote Property Viewings – we may arrange a full presentation of the property live from our offices and on-site live viewings.
  • We can arrange full remote viewing of materials used in our properties.

We know by fact that, now more than ever, investors focus is on risk minimization by following low risk investment strategies like acquisition of property assets. The aim is to spread the asset portfolio and start replacing the “lost capital” through fixed continuous income flow (rent). This is due to the facts that during economic downturn the demand of rental units and inflow of tenants tend to increase.

Consequently, investors are heavily interested to acquire a second nationality or residency status for safety reasons, and they have an increase interested in evaluating the Cyprus Investment Program and Permanent Resident scheme.

Our firm with the intention of overcoming the temporary travel restrictions has added a fully Remotely Support System, whereas all the needed procedures with the Land Registry and Governmental authorities can be performed through the use of a Power of Attorney, without the need of visiting Cyprus or any government departments. Investors through this support system they gain valuable time and have a head start with all of the procedures.

At these difficult times, we all have to remain positive and follow the official instruction to protect ourselves and families.

Please free to contact us in order to discuss further your questions, needs and concerns.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected

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